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2012-04-17 00:23:55 by Ckeds

Hello Newgrounds,

It's been forever since I've been here. Anyways, the last time I put any music, or even a post, up was last year (god, I feel so old saying that). So by the end of this month expect something to pop up, and hopefully magical songwriting things will happen.



2011-11-11 23:18:38 by Ckeds

Here I am again, throwing something out there. Now that I have things under control with classes, I will be able to make songs more often (hooray!). So, keep checking up to see what I come up with, peace.

Song : Thoughts


The disappearance of Ckeds

2011-10-18 21:45:22 by Ckeds

I am very sorry that I had disappeared for almost a month without any form of notice or the ability to submit music....

I have no excuse for this, but don't expect too much music from me as I try to rebuild what was wiped from my old hard drive.

This time around, I have submitted two pieces of music at the same time. Both songs represent the same idea, but from two different points of view: one sad, one happy. It was a hard time moving my stuff from one building to another here at college, but hopefully the people I meet here won't make me feel like I need to leave like some of the people from my old dorm did.

Dark Clouds
Silver Linings


Have you ever...

2011-09-21 12:37:46 by Ckeds

Have you ever had to send out your laptop to get a part repaired? Did they take an entire week to give it back to you? Did they claim that you didn't need the part you requested, yet as soon as you open it up, it's exactly the way it was when you sent it off?

This happened to me, so I am sorry. No new music until at least the 27th. I will try to make up for lost time, but something like this is just too much.


Question: Would you like me to keep trying to make new stuff, or would you like me to upload some of my old music?


2011-09-10 01:15:58 by Ckeds

I live!!! First week of college is in the books, and I can say that it has been a huge pain and fun at the same time. Now, I know I haven't really had people listening to my music :(, but I will still be working on new music to be put out at some date that I won't decide on until I am happy with the mix. This could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months... I hope. Either way, I haven't forgotten about what I want to do here and how much feedback I want (1 Review... let's make it at least 20 before the end of the year please :D). No song titles as of yet, but I will be trying to keep having my music tell some sort of story. Much longer post than I really wanted to make, but compared to others, it is nice and short. Hopefully I can get something out in 2 weeks, if not, I will find a way to get all this homework done so I can.


Procession of the Passing Souls

2011-08-07 12:01:49 by Ckeds

Hello, it is me once again!

As I had promised earlier, Procession of the Passing Souls is out today! you can listen to it Here. This is going to be my last song for a little while, as I am about to start moving into college. I promise I will keep working on some music, but I will need to get my classes under control before I can put the finishing touches on the songs. So, if you want some new music from me, show me some love, and I will send it right back at you.

'Keds out for now

Lack of comments

2011-07-29 23:15:26 by Ckeds

I know I can't make people do it, but I would like for people to comment on the stuff that I put up. Tips, ideas, criticism, hell at this point I'm willing to take a troll commenting on my music. I know it sounds like I am begging, but that is because I am! I can't guess what people will think about my music, but some criticism goes a long way here. I want to make great music, but unless I get some comments on what I need to fix in my music, I'm going to keep doing the same thing. You don't need to be a big name person or a music contract guy from a record label, I don't care about that crap. All I want is some people to come up and say what they like in my music and what I need to do better.


P.S. Procession of the Passing Souls is done at this point! I can tell you right now that this song has been in the works for a month and a half of creating, balancing, and experimenting with some new elements. Also, I couldn't find it in my heart to try and cut out some parts to make it short, so the song will run at a length of 7 minutes and about 30 seconds. Release date is August 7th!!!

Fight of Our LIves

2011-07-20 10:27:53 by Ckeds

Ok, got a new song up, so I have three things I want to talk about.

1. Please rate and comment on what I can do better and what you liked in the song.

2. I am debating whether or not to let people ask for tabs (for non-musicians, tabs = tablature, which is the way I write my guitar and bass parts). As I said before, I have no talent for playing instruments, but if you guys want to either learn to play it, or just want to see what insanity went through my head as I wrote it, please let me know in the comments below.

3. I have two songs ready to be uploaded, here are their titles and release dates:
Turmoil, July 29th
Procession of the Passing Souls, August 7th

Ok, I'm out for now. Enjoy the new song, and be ready for the new ones to come out soon!


Music and Philosophy

2011-07-20 00:02:34 by Ckeds

I really don't understand pop music today. With most of it, I could take the drum beat and put it to any of those songs. There is no story behind the song. All it does is make an excuse for kids to go off to homecoming in the fall and grind (all of you high school boys know what I mean). In my mind, music is a form of art, and by taking a story and putting it into a song, the music is truly art. While most of my music is expressed mostly through hard rock, there are other was to do it. I have heard some kick-ass orchestral pieces here on Newgrounds, and I would kill to be able to do something like that. Just to clarify, this is an OPINION of what music is. For everyone out there, musician or not, there will be a different opinion of what music is. There is one truth to music: music is a part of us.

P.S. Some pop music might have a story, but come on! The constant pattern of kick, snare, kick, snare just doesn't cut it for me. make it interesting and have a pattern that doesn't remain constant through the whole damn song.

Hello world

2011-07-18 16:21:47 by Ckeds

Hey Newgrounds! I am a crappy person who can't play an instrument well, but has some ideas of songs. I will be releasing a new song hopefully every once and a while, so keep your eyes open.