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Music and Philosophy

2011-07-20 00:02:34 by Ckeds

I really don't understand pop music today. With most of it, I could take the drum beat and put it to any of those songs. There is no story behind the song. All it does is make an excuse for kids to go off to homecoming in the fall and grind (all of you high school boys know what I mean). In my mind, music is a form of art, and by taking a story and putting it into a song, the music is truly art. While most of my music is expressed mostly through hard rock, there are other was to do it. I have heard some kick-ass orchestral pieces here on Newgrounds, and I would kill to be able to do something like that. Just to clarify, this is an OPINION of what music is. For everyone out there, musician or not, there will be a different opinion of what music is. There is one truth to music: music is a part of us.

P.S. Some pop music might have a story, but come on! The constant pattern of kick, snare, kick, snare just doesn't cut it for me. make it interesting and have a pattern that doesn't remain constant through the whole damn song.


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2011-07-20 00:08:41

I'm not a musician at all and I'm sure I could never be one but I've always felt like it was a type of art. I pretty much agree with you on all of this. Hip hop, pop, and other major mainstream music isn't anything like "art". None of it is unique and it all sounds like it's just made to entertain. I prefer music that actually has meaning to it. :)

Ckeds responds:

Hey man, thanks for the input! On the topic of being a musician, don't sweat it. I don't have the talent to play music, but by god am I gonna write the hell out of it! :D


2011-07-20 00:49:46

My post is on this exact subject.

Its all generic man. ...not real music. This is music formulated soly to make money. . .not to share an opinion an expression or story.

Its mindless escapism.