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2011-09-10 01:15:58 by Ckeds

I live!!! First week of college is in the books, and I can say that it has been a huge pain and fun at the same time. Now, I know I haven't really had people listening to my music :(, but I will still be working on new music to be put out at some date that I won't decide on until I am happy with the mix. This could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months... I hope. Either way, I haven't forgotten about what I want to do here and how much feedback I want (1 Review... let's make it at least 20 before the end of the year please :D). No song titles as of yet, but I will be trying to keep having my music tell some sort of story. Much longer post than I really wanted to make, but compared to others, it is nice and short. Hopefully I can get something out in 2 weeks, if not, I will find a way to get all this homework done so I can.



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